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The Continuing Appeal of Jane Eyre

At the end of the scene, the tone turns deeply melancholic: Where is the world, at eighty? Where. The world in which I was born. Where is the world eight years ago? It was there — I look for it, … Continue reading

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I Didn’t Go To The Moon

I didn’t go to the moon, I went much farther — for time is the longest distance between two places. Not long after that, I was fired for writing a poem on the lid of a shoebox. I left St. … Continue reading

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Fried Chicken, Mash Potatoes and Gravy

For several days now, I’ve had fried chicken, mash potatoes and gravy, macaroni and cheese and a large chocolate coffee for lunch. I’ve been much happier and content with my life. I go to the grocery, and walk to the … Continue reading

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Writers On Writing

One early night In Boston, I gave a reading at a bookstore where I had worked briefly. I was a shipping clerk, who worked in the basement. I told this to the audience before the reading. That winter, I was … Continue reading

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The Four Ages Of Poetry

Poetry has four ages. The first age of poetry is the age of iron; the second, is gold; the third, silver; and the fourth, brass. In the iron age of poetry, every man is a warrior and trying to form … Continue reading

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Here Are Words

Human relationships, especially as seen from a woman’s point of view, are central. Attraction, pain, acceptance, loss, triumphs and deceptions, habits and surprises — always made immediate through a storyteller’s voice and sense of detail. Here the backyard scene by … Continue reading

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Renaissance Poetry

Rhetoric and Poetics To understand many of the major poets in the Renaissance, the ear must be trained to hear musical ornaments. Ornaments are diphthongs and syllable counts in words and sentences. They bring to mind references from our memory. … Continue reading

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