Letter To Anne, Postcard Seventy Two

Day: Friday, Night Seventy Two.
Food: Breakfast and Dinner.
Weather: Sunny and Nice.
Wellness: Menstrual Cycle Fourteen.
Bunkstay: Slept Very Well.


Dear Anne:

I am feeling better. I have been eating more. I slept very well last night. I hope you are well.


Love In A Life

Room after room,
I search the house,
we live in together.

Before, my heart wasn’t racing
as it does with you.
I was in the house,

and I was the house.
Over time,
I became the house

more and more.
It wasn’t —
about happiness or unhappiness,

change or no change at all.
Heart, fear nothing.
For heart, you will find her.

That’s what it became.

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