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Pattern Poetry

We now come to one of the typical aspects of pattern poetry, that is its characteristic function of serving very specific social purposes as occasional verse. Occasional verse has a bad reputation since most of us assume that poetry is … Continue reading

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Four Levels Of Poetry

1. A poem should communicate clearly what it means. 2. A poem should create a desired mood or feeling. 3. A poem should offer a hidden message to the reader. 4. A poem should offer a symbol in the hidden … Continue reading

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Layers Of Fiction

A writer has a technical problem in a story of maintaining sympathy and identification with the rogue — by giving him admirable qualities as a detective. The writer can do this by making the character seem a necessity. Other fictional … Continue reading

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The Four Ages Of Poetry

Poetry has four ages. The first age of poetry is the age of iron; the second, is gold; the third, silver; and the fourth, brass. In the iron age of poetry, every man is a warrior and trying to form … Continue reading

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Beginner’s Mind, Pen And Paper

            First, consider the pen you write with, it should be a fast-writing pen — because your thoughts are always faster than your hand. A ball-point and pencil are slow. Go to a stationery store, … Continue reading

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Romantic Comedy

Romance satisfies our deepest imaginative desire. If we fear loss of identity in separation from what we hold dearest and from what makes us what we are, romance allays those fears. As we imagine narratives of separation and loss, we … Continue reading

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The Poetic Principle

A poem’s purpose is to leave an impression on us, whatever length it is. The best poems influence the way we live. A poem’s title is as important as the poem itself. It has degrees of influence and strength and … Continue reading

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