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Layers Of Fiction

A writer has a technical problem in a story of maintaining sympathy and identification with the rogue — by giving him admirable qualities as a detective. The writer can do this by making the character seem a necessity. Other fictional … Continue reading

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Lives Of The Painters

On a June Day, in 1860, I picked up a shabby, old book at a second-hand market. Contained in the Old Yellow Book were documents relating to the case of Count Guido in 1698. This sensational yarn becomes more clear … Continue reading

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Poetry Journal, September 7, 2017

              A man is not answering the phone. When the doorbell rings, he goes to the closet, to see if his wife’s shoes are in it. When he walks into the living room, the … Continue reading

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Church Service Today

The only thing I remember about the church service today is that Rita Hayworth was mentioned. As soon as I heard her name, I wanted to know how the movie ended. Everyone else did too. You could tell the pastor … Continue reading

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Dialogue between Anne and Marilyn, Part 1

    As the story opens, Anne and Marilyn are in the cab of Anne’s pickup track as Anne drives them out of town after her mother’s funeral. Marilyn is so exhausted from physically standing at the funeral, she can … Continue reading

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Playwrights Horizons

Act One I am Bishop Hogan, that’s my name, I am not a deacon of the church. I did not kill my father — And his mistress the next day. Nor my mother, whom I loved, It was not the … Continue reading

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The Year We Left Home

You didn’t give up wanting thingsĀ because life had put them out of reach. From her earliest stories until The Year We Left Home, Ryan’s fiction has grappled with political and social issues of our age: race, gender, war and its … Continue reading

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