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Renaissance Poetry

Rhetoric and Poetics To understand many of the major poets in the Renaissance, the ear must be trained to hear musical ornaments. Ornaments are diphthongs and syllable counts in words and sentences. They bring to mind references from our memory. … Continue reading

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Far From Me And Like The Stars

I persist in mingling fiction with the strangest reality. Deserted houses, I have peopled you with exceptional friends, neither fat nor thin, neither blond nor dark, neither mad nor wise, it doesn’t matter, people I can imagine you with in … Continue reading

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The Adding Machine

          For whatever reason, something put me off of writing for several years. The act of writing had become difficult, and above all false. It was not the diary that bothered me, it was the terrible … Continue reading

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Distant Drums

This is the year the old ones, the old, great ones leave us alone on the road. The road leads to the sea, we have the words in our pocket, obscure directions.

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Paintings of My Mother

  I stand among them, my hands drawing their hands, my fingers, thicker and heavier, as graceful as my mother’s fingers. She leans a little to the left as the light in my living room shines on the stripes of … Continue reading

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Elegy In The Classroom

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What is Opera? Words and Music and Meaning

If we speak of operatic strategies, that is, how composers and librettists fit words to music, (or the other way around), in order to tell a story, must we always presume that the words have the last words, or does … Continue reading

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